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Founder Dr. Ofir Isaac, Physiotherapist DPT, CEMG, SFMA of Brooklyn, NY 

An estimated 100m Americans suffer chronic pain, 1.5b worldwide. Diagnostic best practices for identifying exact cause & effective treatment methods, are widely misunderstood or even unknown to the public, resulting in a circuitous & costly pathway to multiple specialists, like orthopedists, neurologists & chiropractors, driving industry revenue in excess of $635b annually [2012]. However, validated clinical research now confirms that, in fact, 92% of upper body chronic pain sufferers have experienced full healing of their once traumatized area, yet continue to suffer pain symptoms simply due to a stuck neuro-connection, within their peripheral nervous system, that continues to erroneously signal pain to the brain. This discovery, along with validated self-treat protocols required to successfully eliminate stuck signals, remain obscured by the traditional, medical community --either due to ignorance or profit sustaining motivations. Instead, pain ‘management’ is the promoted message, with often needless MRI’s, opioids, injections or irreversible surgery prescribed.

Diagnostic & Self-Treat User Experience [telemed inspired] utilizing proprietary technology software & biofeedback responsive interface supporting results for upper body chronic pain sufferers. Dissemination in the form up of freestanding touchscreen kiosk, additionally equipped with payment activation, medical provider videochat & follow up call scheduling capabilities, located in fitness centers, airports, malls & walk-in clinics.