Cultivating the Best to Come with Others

Ann Odell
Market Insights,
Design Strategy
& Brand Culture



I’m a brand-business innovation consultant based in Manhattan. 

I help clients launch or grow Big Idea based Businesses that inspire Greater Good by resolving: Commerce, Community + Culture.

I lead development through data-insight-led creative strategies that catalyze enterprises to do more with what they already have.

What makes a Culturally successful Business Brand?
Clear Purpose/Big Vision
Shared Values/Inspired Community
Transparent Approach/Authentic Experiences
Perspective Shift/Design Innovation

As your brand is what People say it is, I work with clients who are genuinely trying to rethink how they do business in the World and be the vanguard for the next generation of companies -those yearning to create or reposition to promote positive impact.



Observing clients completely change the way they see themselves and what they’re ultimately capable of is transformative — literally a process of ‘trying on’ a new version so they can do more, be more. Bringing smart insights, cut-through strategy and exceptional creative together, they suddenly ‘get’ a potential new future. Although the quest has just begun, they’re over the hump, with a vista so much farther and broader.

My most recent work has been supporting social-cultural innovation driven entrepreneurs:
- helping them illuminate their future in multiple directions
- inspiring business strategy as an enterprise around values
- honing communications clarity
- developing new products, services, intellectual property
- integrating physical and digital experiences 
- developing owned and earned media
- plus authentically engaging both internal and external audiences to drive sustainability and loyalty.

Along my career arc, I’ve worked with corporate, retail, consumer goods, nonprofit clients and start up entrepreneurs in many sectors: financial services, consumer electronics, retail petroleum, food & beverage, beauty, apparel, specialty retail, health & wellness.

My clients have included: Citibank, Bank of America, Comcast, Deloitte, Nasdaq, Verizon, Lenovo, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola Company, Barneys, Anthropologie, American Girl, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Duane Reade, Dove Chocolates & Copec Oil.


Recent Projects



Ann has a keen sensibility for creating rich consumer experiences that not only reflect the uniqueness of the brand promise but also deliver meaningful consumer-centric solutions. Her passion & creativity shine through in all of her work.
— Joe Bona, President Bona Design Lab
Ann is a natural born strategist driven to dig into all the messy inputs that matter to effectively capitalizing on the white space, leaving no stone unturned, & placing no limits on the possibilities or the impact an insight can have.
— Ofir Isaac, Founder of PainGPS
Ann’s leadership & sensitivity to the uniqueness of our ExtraSpecialTeas culture, has been completely instrumental to its success. Her vision to connect us with TiestaTea at such an early stage has brought us incredible opportunities we simply never would have had otherwise.
— Cherri Sanes, Founder of ExtraSpecialTeas, Inc.
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