'The road to discovery is the most exciting journey there is.'

or strategy framework, can be gleaned that works atboth a visionary plus consumer needs fulfillment level. With the ultimate goal being a new activation that supports organic, sustainable growth by either cultivating a consumers level of participation with, & even co-authorship of, the brand or that invites them to see themselves in a new light.

My focus includes: actionable insights, holistic communications, brand strategy, community & new product development.

As a thinker & a maker, I attack challenges from multiple directions to uncover the emotional-aspirational value, consumer pain points, or tactical vs cultural innovation opportunities as quickly & leanly as possible  --then prioritize for further investigation & modeling.  I lead teams through these lenses. Qualitative-quantitative research, trends, life experience & intuition all play a role in identifying a new ‘connection’ or springboard from which a compelling narrative,


- business ecosystem: industry, competitors, best practice, trends, consumer

- target audience: clarifying customer needs, preferences & behaviors via primary & secondary qualitative/quantitative means

- client discovery: management & key stakeholders

- current client communications audit

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- synthesizing & summarizing complex inputs to identify & prioritize development opportunities against goals

- collaborating with team strategic/creative & other consultants to explore alternatives & develop thinking further

- structuring case models to identify key implications for deeper understanding

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- creative thinking plus strategic problem solving to create meaningful & enduring impact for clients

- passion for problem solving, creative expression and improving the way companies relate to customers

- attack issues from multiple angles and stretch yourself to provide outstanding brand ideas to clients

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